Changelog for Zuki

Zuki Update v1.1.7

  • New: Gutenberg editor support.
  • Bugfix: Added new translation files.
  • Enhancement: Update of widget.php

17. November 2018 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki v1.1.6

  • New: Support WordPress 4.9.6 GDPR changes (more info here).

21. May 2018 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Theme Update (Version 1.1.5)

  • Enhancement: Optimize support for the One Click Demo Import plugin.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Genericons icons issue (from theme version 1.1.4).

05. May 2017 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Theme Update (Version 1.1.3)

  • Bug Fix: Update of inc/widget.php file to make theme WordPress 4.3 compatible (inc/widgets.php)
  • Bug fix: Fixed the background color option for the Recent Post Background widget (functions.php, inc/customizer.php)
  • Bug Fix: Missing button shortcode colors (style.css)

19. August 2015 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Theme Update (Version 1.1.2)

  • Security Improvement: Added new Genericons icon font version 3.3.1 (folder Genericons)
  • Bug Fix: Optimized inc/customizer.php
  • Bug Fix: CSS optimization for social icon positioniong in Safari
  • Enhancement: Included additional content width settings for full-width page template
  • Enhancement: Update of js/jquery.flexslider.js to version 2.4.0

14. May 2015 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Theme Update (Version 1.1.1)

  • Bug fix: Update of slider content to delete WordPress shortcodes in excerpt text (content-featured-post.php)
  • Bug fix: Deleted double role attribute in search form (searchform.php)
  • Bug fix: Added missing link styles to list elements (style.css, functions.php)
  • New: Theme Option to hide Featured Images on Single Posts (inc/customizer.php, content-single.php)
  • New: Support for new WordPress title tag, Important: WordPress 4.1 or higher is required (functions.php, header.php)

07. January 2015 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Update (Version 1.1)

  • Bug Fix: Search form fixed on “Nothing Found” search result page (style.css)
  • Bug Fix: “Zuki Recent Post” widget excerpts don’t display code (functions.php, inc/widgets.php)
  • Bug Fix: Support of custom link color on pages (functions.php)
  • Bug Fix: Karla font optimization for special characters (functions.php)
  • Bug Fix: Optimization for 404 page (404.php, style.css)
  • Bug Fix: Multiple social menus now possible (style.css)
  • Bug Fix: Fixed author list, so that only authors will be displayed (content-archivemenu.php)
  • New: Norwegian translation for Zuki (languages folder)

12. December 2014 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Update (Version 1.0.2)

  • Bug Fix: Deleted Libre Baskerville font style (functions.php)
  • Bug Fix: Social Icons support in Internet Explorer (style.css)
  • Bug Fix: Delete option for links in Front page text excerpts, since it can break the entire site layout (functions.php)
  • Enhancement: Optimized Features Slider content (content-featured-post.css) and Front page widgets (inc/widgets.php)
  • Enhancement: Optimized support for Jetpack comments (style.css)

06. September 2014 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki

Zuki Update (Version 1.0.1)

  • Update: archive.php
  • Update: rtl.css for right-to-left language support
  • Bug Fix: improved 404.php file
  • Bug Fix: Some smaller CSS improvements
  • Bug Fix: Ignore Sticky Posts for Zuki Recent Posts widgets (see inc/widgets.php)
  • Bug Fix: Optimized German translation files (see languages folder)

22. July 2014 by Ellen | | Filed under: Zuki