Changelog for Pukeko

Pukeko 1.2.3

New: Remove theme support for block widget screens.

20. July 2021 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko v1.2.2

  • New: Auto update support
  • New: Customized color palette for editor blocks.
  • New: Allow custom font sizes in editor blocks.
  • Enhancement: Mobile menu closes using on page anchor links
  • Enhancement: SVG icons won’t appear inline anymore.
  • Enhancement: New options to display post date, comments & reading time on single posts only.
  • Enhancement: Styling of Jetpack widgets.
  • Enhancement: Improved form styles including comments form GDPR checkbox.
  • Enhancement: Support custom font sizes in editor blocks.
  • Bugfix: Correctly styled headings in block editor
  • Bugfix: Edit link is now hidden when editing a page using Elementor
  • Bugfix: Footer color won’t affect sidebar widgets anymore
  • Bugfix: Mobile menu breaks when hiding the header search bar
  • Bugfix: Broken footer columns in Safari browser
  • Bugfix: Removed possibly empty valued CSS declarations.
  • Bugfix: Eliminated footer link hover color interference with main menu hover color.
  • Bugfix: Single post navigation in Safari now actually displays next to each other.
  • Bugfix: Optimise Gutenberg editor gallery columns.
  • Bugfix: Solved problems with Internet Explorer 11
  • Bugfix: Preventing page scrolling while overlay menu is open.
  • Bugfix: Hide privacy policy footer link, if custom footer credit text.
  • Bugfix: CSS fixes to prevent breaking layout in mobile menu.

13. January 2020 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.2.1

  • New: Support for Gutenberg editor font sizes.
  • New: Blog Cards Hover Effect Option.
  • New: Color options (under Appearance / Customize / Theme / Colors).
  • New: Blog card design options (under Appearance / Customize / Theme / Blog Cards).
  • New: Added “Reading Time” information to posts (can be deactivated under Appearance / Customize / Theme / Blog).
  • Enhancement: Update of WPML config file to optimise Customizer theme translations.
  • Enhancement: Update of Instagram widget styles.
  • Enhancement: Optimised styling of Gutenberg image block alignments.
  • Enhancement: Customizer descriptions.
  • Enhancement: German translation file.
  • Enhancement: Update of sticky post font size.
  • Enhancement: Simplified mobile menu colours.
  • Enhancement: Update of German translation file.
  • Enhancement: Update of copyright notes in readme.txt.
  • Enhancement: New blog pagination styles.
  • Enhancement: Optimised styles for standard Gutenberg blocks.
  • Enhancement: Updated general design styles.
  • Enhancement: Clean up of functions.php file.
  • Enhancement: Update of demo files.
  • Bugfix: Updated layout of  “no title” page template.
  • Bugfix: Set default value to blog sidebar Customizer setting.
  • Bugfix: Custom excerpt lengths now work for character fonts.
  • Bugfix: Added missing default Customizer values.

15. November 2018 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.2.0

  • New: serif or sans-serif headlines option (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Typography).
  • New: Regular or light headlines font weight option (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Typography).
  • New: Lowercase/Uppercase links option (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Typography).
  • New: Custom excerpt lengths for posts and sticky posts (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Blog).
  • New: Featured Header content can not be right-aligned (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Featured Header).
  • New: 3 new footer widget areas. 4-, 5- and 6-column footer now possible.
  • New: Support for WPML and Polylang multilingual WordPress plugins.
  • New: General design and CSS enhancements and new SASS file structure (assets/sass).
  • New: Link Hover color option (Appearance/Customize/Theme/Colors).
  • Enhancement: functions for Gutenberg support updated in functions.php.
  • Enhancement: Gutenberg support tested up to Gutenberg 4.1.
  • Enhancement: Optimized for archive pages, including author archives.
  • Bugfix: New Demo Import files.

24. October 2018 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.1

  • New: Theme support for the Gutenberg WordPress plugin.
  • Enhancement: Smaller buttons sizes for Portfolio widget.
  • Enhancement: Deleted support for Tailor pagebuilder plugin.
  • Bugfix: Fixed loop issue with sticky posts.
  • Bugfix: Smaller CSS optimizations.

10. May 2018 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.0.3

  • Enhancement: Design updates and CSS optimizations of single post and blog widget elements, forms and buttons.
  • Enhancement: Design update of Mailchimp newsletter, WP Instagram widget and search widget.
  • Enhancement: Support CSS class “wide-content” (desktop only).
  • Enhancement: Design improvement of Author Archive page.
  • Enhancement: Update of German theme translation file.
  • New: Mailchimp newsletter and WP Instagram widgets support for Elementor pages.
  • New: Added new “naked” button style.
  • New: Customizer option to hide default related posts (under Customizer/Theme/Blog/Post Details).
  • Bugfix: Fixed broken empty search results page.
  • Bugfix: Support for Elmentor font customizations.

30. December 2017 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.0.2

  • Bugfix: Optimized blog CSS.
  • Bugfix: Optimized blog and single post CSS, if blog sidebar is empty.
  • Bugfix: Added missing page sidebar file (sidebar-page.php).
  • Bugfix: Optimized files for the One Click Demo Import plugin (added new folder …assets/demos).
  • Bugfix: Optimized “About Pukeko” admin Welcome screen files.
  • Bugfix: Updated custom logo image sizes in functions.php.
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing code to hide Featured Images on single posts (via option under Theme/Blog).
  • Bugfix: Fixed mixed up light and dark Footer text color styles (under Theme/Footer).
  • Bugfix: Fixed missing body classes issue in inc/template-functions.php.
  • Enhancement: Updated theme translations.

01. December 2017 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Update v1.0.1

  • New: Support for Elementor pagebuilder plugin (free version), as the recommended pagebuilder for Pukeko.
  • New: Added Elementor template files to the pukeko-master folder. You can upload the page templates via Elementor/My Library.
  • Bugfix: Update of functions.php to fix missing mobile dropdown menu
  • Bugfix: Update of css/style.scss and style.css to fix styling of mobile layout
  • Enhancement: Update of German theme translations.
  • Enhancement: Deleted the scrollreveal Javascript plugin. We will insteand include new CSS scroll reveal animations in one of the next updates.
  • Bugfix: Update of css/style.scss and style.css to fix styling of mobile layout
    Enhancement: Update of “About Pukeko” welcome page.

17. November 2017 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko

Pukeko Release v1.0.0

  • Initial theme release.

09. November 2017 by Ellen | | Filed under: Pukeko