Changelog for Moka

Moka Theme Update (Version 1.1.3)

  • Bug Fix: Update of inc/widget.php file to make theme WordPress 4.3 compatible (inc/widgets.php)

19. August 2015 by Ellen | | Filed under: Moka

Moka Update (Version 1.1.2)

  • Bugfix: Background color fixes with Front Page slider (style.css)
  • Bugfix: Allow 0 as a number of Recent Posts under Appearance / Customize / Front Page Settings (page-templates/front-page.php)
  • Bugfix: Optimized CSS for 1440px and wider screens (style.css)
  • Bugfix: Deleted deprecated code in inc/theme-options.php
  • New: Added support for new title tag handling to functions.php and deleted hard-coded title tag in header.php
  • Enhancement: Optimized German theme translation files in language folder.

03. January 2015 by Ellen | | Filed under: Moka

Moka Update (Version 1.1.1)

  • Bugfix: “Read More” link now translated (see content.php)
  • Bugfix: Update of function.php to include slider script (see functions.php)
  • Bugfix: CSS improvements for multicolumn shortcodes (see style.css)
  • Bugfix: Update of full-width.php file to include comments code, only if comments are active (see page-templates/full-width.php)

01. June 2014 by Ellen | | Filed under: Moka

Moka Update (Version 1.1)

  • New: Slider Front Page Option (you will need to install the Jetpack WordPress plugin + choose a featured tag under Appearance / Featured Content)
  • New: Added new, custom Moka thumbnail sizes (functions.php)
  • New: Swedish, Dutch and Polish Translations (see languages folder)
  • Bugfix: Call editor-styles.css in functions.php
  • Bugfix: Update of comments_template (single.php, page.php)
  • Bugfix: Fixed double grey border line in comments (style.css)

20. March 2014 by Ellen | | Filed under: Moka